Hello, hi there, welcome! How’ve you been? We are thrilled and oh so glad you are here. Come on with us and take a step into the dark. It’s certainly an interesting trip there. We’d let you lead the way but we’ve already explored that cavern over there on the left that smells funny and you DON’T want to go there without stepping lightly, believe us! Just watch out for that first step though, itโ€™s one helluva doozy. Ready? Ok? Good, here we go…

There. Sweet! We made it! P.H.E.W. to that.

Time to bring a few things to order before your merrily unleashed back into the light with some dark audio chaos makers ready to serve up some sonic heaviness.

First off, we want to absolutely thank you for joining our newsletter mailing list and equally so, we want to welcome you to our family. We understand there are a lot of audio choices out there to choose from these days in all sorts of styles and persuasions and we are happy and grateful that you are here with us.

Secondly, here’s the goods as promised! Yay new toys to play with!! Below you will find your download link to the eight royalty free dark music tracks. Ok folks, they are a heavy, pensive atmospheric brooding lot, but all of them are ready willing and able to be dropped straight into your productions and work away underneath your narrative and visuals bringing them both to an unease filled oh so stark reality.

Thirdly, communication…don’t be a stranger. How are we going to find our way back out of this cavern we traveled into if we don’t communicate!? The majority of the material on our site may be dark but deep down we really are a social bunch, reach out to us and say Hi. Show us your work, we are huge fans of what you produce. It’s awesome to see and hear. Voice your opinions on what we are doing right, what we can do better, and what else you would like to see us produce.

All that said, time for some action! The eight tracks are here to serve you well and give you some effective and unusual sonic crayons to work away with. Click away, download, and get busy producing some awesome tense dark content until you and your audiences are both uhhh content ๐Ÿ™‚ sounds like a plan!? Great! Really, just have a blast getting creative with them.


Lastly, absolutely thanks again for joining our family, we are thrilled you are here, and without going into full on I’m the slime sales mode we want to thank you with an offer: Receive 20% off any Volume of your choice…Choose a Volume that suits your needs, enter it in your cart, merrily enter: MOXIEMOJO20 at checkout and immediately receive your discount and a whole wallop of a Volume for you to unleash on your unsuspecting public! Sa-weet! Oh Joe public…you won’t know what hit you!!! Go forth and create something awesome.

The Sonic Fringe Crew (one motley one!)

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