March 21, 2017

Newsletter Sign-Up

Newsletter Sign-Up

Looking for some wimpy popular music for your next production? Yeah, don’t look here. Mean, ominous, absolutely effective dark music beds await you.

Sign-up to our Newsletter today and receive eight royalty free music tracks from our catalog free to test drive and use in your productions (look out lumbering snoozeville pedestrians). Our Newsletter is chock full of goodies like exclusive coupons and freebie tracks to use. We absolutely won’t swarm your Inbox as we send Newsletters out occasionally (and we stress the word occasionally) there’s true value in signing up, hurrah!

The licensing terms for the eight tracks are as follows:

Multi-Platform use: Film, Broadcast Television, Commercial, Advertising and Promos, Video Game, Radio, App, Youtube, Online Video, Website, Podcast, Blog, Infomercial, Film Festivals and Competitions, Music on Hold, and Corporate

Use Worldwide

All Territories

Perpetual Use

Track links for download are sent to your Inbox so please check your Spam box as it might be hanging around with the undesirables in there.

We are thrilled you are here and happy to offer you some dark sonic crayons to play with, have fun getting creative with them and producing something awesome.

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