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Our vision here at Sonic Fringe has always been to be THE place to meet your royalty free music needs and to deliver you useful and unique sonic crayons that inspire your imagination to play away, painting your productions with vivid aural colors that bring your unique vision to life. To be your audio go to for dark and evil elements, soundscapes, stings, hits and tools merrily coupled with all-in, high impact, Moxie and Mojo swinging Production Music underscores.

We invite you to step inside our library and stay a while. Just don’t mind the creaking door shutting behind you– and go ahead and crank up the green light investigation, grab a flashlight and a few skeptical non-believers and explore and discover the perfect soundtrack which will breathe essential, invaluable life to your compelling media productions.

When you place an order with us, Sonic Fringe never stores your information or card details on our servers, your credit card details are processed through Paypal. We do not offer refunds except in the event a download file is corrupted in which we will happily provide you with a replacement file.

We occasionally make contact through email correspondence with details of our latest music releases, products, and promos. You can subscribe to our email newsletter via the subscribe button at our Newsletter Sign-Up page.

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Never, ever, will we pass your details to third parties.

Tracks purchased are covered by the policy at the time of purchase and it is your responsibility to check this page for any update to this policy.

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