Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses the Sonic Fringe and the Brooding Muse?

Rightly so…people who need and crave bad-ass, no B.S. royalty free music that’s who. In addition to those awesome entities, people from all walks of life, disciplines, and every wild style in between utilize the music we so passionately provide. Come be the next to join our extended family and utilize our music to create away and sonically color your production good and right from the get go.

Just what am I buying here?

You are purchasing a license giving you the right to use our music in your project. In no way shape or form are you able to re-sell the music purchased here.

Are the music tracks and elements here Royalty Free?

Yes they are, both the Sonic Fringe and the Brooding Muse are royalty free catalogs. You will only pay a one-time fee for the usage of the music provided you use the music within the terms of the license agreement when you purchased it. You can view our royalty free music here as well as our royalty free music by Sonic Fringe here.

Why choose the Sonic Fringe and the Brooding Muse?

We believe in value, transparency, and a good deal for all. At our core what we offer is bad-ass royalty free production music matched with simple music licensing terms set at kick-ass prices. We offer fiercely useful music coupled with straight shooting license terms with zilch room for nonsense:

One Fiercely Awesome Price For All Uses
Multi Platform Use
Use Worldwide – All Territories
Use Perpetual

We are absolutely committed to the individuals who choose to utilize our music in their production and we strive to give them first rate service coupled with the best licensing value across the boards. We are an easy going friendly staff who are happy go lucky and believe in peace of mind. Have a read over our Licensing Music page and our Terms and Conditions, integrate the music into your production and go kick fierce ass with it…Name taking after ass kicking is strictly optional and so on you.

Are these assets which I can use in my video game?

Absolutely yes you can. From standalone games to apps, from online to shareware, from freeware to anywhere and everyone in between our tracks and licenses are geared to offering game creators useful audio content that’s ready to be dropped into their epic game pipeline out of the gate and bring it home bad-ass as rightfully intended. Our dark atmospheric music beds games right, have a listen here at some of our royalty free music for games as well as exploring our royalty free music catalog.

Can I add additional elements or remix the cues here and sell them?

No, you cannot use the music on our site to produce a new music cue and sell it as your own or resell it as a musical product in any form.

How do I download music and how many download attempts do I have?

Upon completion of payment you can immediately download your files by scrolling down to Order Details where you can download your music as a 16 bit/48khz WAV file. In addition you will also receive a download link via email directly to your selected track or tracks. If you don’t receive your email contact us. You have 5 attempts within a 10 day period to download your chosen music, if you need more time simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How do you process payments?

When you make a purchase your credit card details are processed through Paypal. We do not store or take in any credit card information.

After I check out will I receive a proof of purchase receipt?


What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds, however in the event a download file is corrupted we will happily provide you with a replacement file.

Do you share personal information?

Never, ever, will we share any personal information with third parties. Read out privacy policy here.

Can I purchase music in Volume?

Absolutely yes you can! If you find yourself liking a few tracks while auditioning the music in a particular volume, buy the whole volume in bulk. We want you to have all the sonic crayons you need to tell your story on your terms the way you envisioned it so we are happy to provide you the option to license tracks grouped together so you can have all the music you need and merrily take your narrative and visuals to pure sonic bliss.

Do you offer blanket licenses?

You betcha we do, you will either laugh or cry, or do both at the same time (SO film that and YouTube it please!) with the ease and pure value of our Blanket License. You can find out more about this on our Licensing Music page.

How large is the catalog and how often do you add content?

We currently have over 3000 + tracks active on our website and over 6,000 + more available in the wings. We add content daily so bookmark us, favorite us, check back often, and or email us and say Hello and stay up to speed on our content updates.

Do you offer a newsletter/incentives/freebies?

Yes we do.

Occasionally we make contact with our newsletter mega chock full of fun filled Easter egg goodies like news of upcoming releases, free tracks, exclusive subscriber coupon codes, and articles of interest devoted to captivating the attention of our merry newsletter subscribers.

How do I get the eight tracks?

Easy! Subscribe to our Sonic Fringe mailing list found at our Newsletter Page here, and our About Us page here and right out of the gate you’ll receive eight free dark royalty free music tracks. All of the tracks are ready willing and oh so able to bring the dark heavy audio goodness straight to your production. Sign-up, download, bed a kick-ass production with them, repeat X 8. Friendly note: Don’t leave your Inbox lonely…check your Spam box as our newsletter might have made it’s way there.

Where are you located?

We are located on Anderson Island outside of Olympia Washington. Proudly spitting sonic audio fire from our state capitol in between grabbing gallons of coffee, enjoying the outdoors, and having fun dodging raindrops of mass abundance and various extremes.

What IS this stuff?

The tracks found in our catalog are designed to peak your imagination. Listen to the music with the lights off to have it work on you is an awesome way to feel the atmospehere it creates. Dig deeper and you’ll discover menacing sound design that has teeth flared, and outright hell to pay. Blending wicked styles, elements and textures together to create original, pure atmosphere with dark instinct that’s alive in the deepest darkest corners of our imagination. Music tracks that readily promote fear, evil, tension, foreboding notion, and unnerved claustrophobic decisions that you know will never end well. Pensive background music and insane elements that when matched to your image, are purely meant to scare the hell out of your audience and then some.

The tracks you will find here will become your sonic toolbox for creating tension, conflict and suspense. There are extended floors to hunt and be hunted to, deep dark menacing drones that drift and swell producing false lulls to jump scare the hell away at. Intense toolkit elements that enable to you to create your own fear inducing, manic promos and productions. We provide driven mad minds and alien landscapes, imaginative sonic strolls through surreal haunted dreamscapes, stock music with malice to pay, dark music for videos, paranoia and paranormal investigations, and alone protagonists walking in the dark all blissfully unaware of the bad ass soundtrack pulsing underneath, tense tracks that create the feeling of unease and danger, dark tension tracks that are medium and neutral in toner and effect, suspense building tension with rhythm and pulsing beats underneath which keeps your scene moving and in motion, anxiety building tense tracks perfect to bring the drama caused by Mamas or tense courtroom scenes of people dressed up in suits who you KNOW did it.

Over on the instrumental music side of life you will find classic cartoon music, full on balls to the wall odd meter rock music, funky, retro city grooves, sport music, ethereal atmosphere, documentary, space beds, world music, lounge playgrounds and many more style galore.

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