Cartoon Royalty Free Music Volume One

Explore our out to lunch off the wall high speed all in cartoon royalty free music. Bringing home some full-speed all in, antic filled sonic goodness. Use the tracks in your videos and drive your message home, smack dab between the viewers eyes! Check out our license info here: Licensing Music – Sonic Fringe.

Our core value IS value, find yourself liking a few tracks while auditioning the music below? Buy the whole volume in bulk! We want you to have all the sonic crayons you need to tell your story on YOUR terms the way YOU envisioned,  so we are happy to provide you the option to license tracks grouped together. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, click add volume and all the cartoon tracks in volume one are yours — Oh Yeah!!!!!

The License Terms are the same if you buy a one single track or the whole volume:

One price for all uses – Buy It, Use It

Multi-Platform use: Film, Broadcast Television, Commercial, Advertising and Promos, Video Game, Radio, App, YouTube, Online Video, Website, Podcast, Blog, Infomercial, Film Festivals and Competitions, Music on Hold, and Corporate

Use worldwide in all territories

Use in perpetuity

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