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Who are you guys?

The Sonic Fringe is a music library passionately produced by creatives for creatives who are seeking production music content that’s different, is well aware of it, and spits fire like a sonic punch to the face, all delivered with a merry attitude and spirited approach throughout. Our specialty is providing dark royalty free music and boy do we know how to bring that on working in tandem with our sister catalog of dark music elements the Brooding Muse.

The Sonic Fringe is the brainchild (more like Wrathchild) of Patrick James Slattery

Patrick James IMDB

A happy go lucky father who after merrily spending years steeped (and sometimes chained) to a desk until he produced tons of “good” stuff for television shows of all walks and sorts, he somehow managed to find a few hours of the day (each day) to primarily produce the production music found here.

Currently he manages the Sonic Fringe library with his wife Jenny and the horror magazine The Brooding Muse.

Brooding Muse Comic

The Brooding Muse comic is pure hard charging bruising spitfire built off the backs of the production music found here at The Sonic Fringe. It’s also the namesake of our deep and dark, heavy elements and atmospheric tracks, read more about that below. Patrick also may or may not have written this bio, may or may not want you to know that, and probably could use a vacation!

Who are the Brooding Muse?

The Brooding Muse represents not just an outlet for dark production music but a one stop solution as the definitive online source for dark music tracks. We house over 8,800 dark tracks that are distinct, organic, compelling, effective, and available here all under one roof. The tracks are designed to work in tandem and beneath your visuals and narrative, creating a cohesive that works away at your audience and gives you the lurid sonic crayons to tell your story on your terms and the way you envisioned.

Auditioning the tracks you will find frightening soundscapes that breathe absolute dark sonic life while you’re narratives and visuals choke it away, stalkers glee soundtracks, atmospheric tense tracks that ratchet it up and keep it up, distinct and brooding attention getting trailer elements, scary music, maddened mind underscores, music for games of the dark nature, criminal plotting timekeeping beds, deep droning floors, and teeth flaring sonic colors of the dark all ready eager and waiting in the shadows to bed with your productions and produce one helluva bad-ass celluloid love child with unknown intentions. Explore our dark royalty free music collection here: Royalty Free Music

What styles of production music do you house?

We consider production music to be a different animal all together. We understand the bridge between video and music and we strive to supply you with the aural bliss you’ve envisioned for your production. Rather then following the pack and create a ho-hum Where’s Waldo encyclopedia of royalty free music like the horde of beta libraries out there we choose to bring full on outright musicianship to the table coupled with specialty genres done good and right. The Sonic Fringe music catalog is our happy filled home of classic cartoon music, balls to the wall odd-meter rock, epic orchestral music, retro city funk, ethereal music, documentary music, world music, battle music, quirky music playgrounds, and many more genres galore all with style and glee to burn. The Funk Volume tracks feature Chris Jupinka who’s guitar work speaks whole volumes for itself. Either armed with a Strat or a Les Paul his work elevates the music and keeps it moving always on the up and up. Check the tracks out and use them in all sorts of awesome equations your imaginations dream up creating narrative and visuals that match the impact of the audio. Have fun with them. Search our royalty free production music here: Royalty Free Music By Sonic Fringe

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